Kawasaki robotics cadena de montaje automoción larraioz elektronika argentinaLife is a balance between subsistence and respect for the others, and these “others” is vast. It comprehends people, companies, the environment, sustainability … That pushes us to be tolerant and to love things rightly done, things done to last, in which we can feel that constant search of excellence.

After 30 years of operation in the Basque Country, a look back to the things we have done endorses our approach. Among all our success and some setbacks, we can proudly say that we have assisted many companies in doing things better; we have trained many professionals; we have introduced the computer, CNC, PLC and many more from the beginning of the industry, in a balanced and not dogmatic way.

Larraioz Elektronika is a industry benchmark for Europe in everything related to controlled axe movements, robotics and automation, and we think we can and we should share these experience and our “know how” extending our operation area to Latin America.

Yes, “Larraioz Elektronika América Latina” is happening. With our headquarters in Argentina and the aim of serving the Latin American market, we start our new path as we always do, with eagerness and a great push and purpose of helping those who want to work on making the industry something competitive, sustainable and with a strong social character. Let’s keep it in mind: “To fight offshoring… Automation”.

Larraioz Elektronika alojamiento zarautz vista argentina
Larraioz Elektronika offers to its collaborators the chance of staying at our guesthouse in Zarautz town center.


We’d like to tell you how we do it, indulge our coaching vocation to help you, individual or company, become a forerunner in this developing industrial revolution. Join our team!

We will shortly add some more information. For the time being you can contact us through info@larraioz.com.ar


Promotional video of the industry in the Basque Country: “BIG LITTLE. A country where to invest, a country where to live”